Blocks at ISP level?

No matter what I do, I cannot get any Husarnet examples working beyond the router on a Mac or on Windows. I have ensured all firewalls are down. I have checked router settings.
Husarnet status says everything is Ok.
Does anyone know the likelihood of blocks at ISP level? I just read a post about “deep packet inspection” and I’m starting to think something like this must be the cause. I simply want to control an ESP32 over the internet. Any advice really welcome, after many days on this I’m losing hope!


Husarnet is designed in such a way to minimize the risk of being blocked by firewalls and other traffic filtering mechanisms.
If You can descibe in more details the setup You are using exactly, and example You are trying to run, we may be able to identify the issue and help with solving the problem. If possible provide us with Husarnet logs, as they will be most helpful for us.

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Hi Konrad

I would greatly appreciate some help!
I am using a MacBook Pro 2012 laptop running Windows 10 via Bootcamp.

My last attempt with Husarnet was earlier today, I was trying this project as it seems to be the most simple:

I got the example web page to load by typing:
into the browser, so it works on LAN but typing:
Will not work and it is not working over the internet for some reason, only within the
realm of the router but not beyond.
Is there a way I can send you a log file so that it is not publicly visible?

Thank you

Have you tried using the Husarnet IPv6 address instead of the hostname? Like http://[fc94:cafe:…:5678]:80/ (Note the square brackets that are required for this to work.)
Some browsers are known to ignore the local host aliases (namely Chromium-based ones). So far we’ve had best results on Firefox.

If you want to contact us privately you can send us an email at

Good luck

Hi Paweł
Thanks for the suggestion, but I did try this last week (And every conceivable permutation).
But until today I was not aware of the logs in %PROGRAMDATA%, which I am not able to usefully interpret.
So I will send a log in an email, if someone could take a look that would be amazing.
Thank you.

Hi Paweł, is there someone in particular who I should address the email to as it’s been a week and I have not received any reply. Thanks.


Closing the topic as we have moved the investigation to the direct email correspondence.
The solution is still unclear, but I will update the topic once it becomes known.