Communicate with Nodes outside of husarnet but still on local network


I am currently attempting to use Husarnet to remotely connect a laptop to a group of devices on a ROS2 network. I have one computer on the network setup with husarnet and it is linked to the laptop. However once they are connected the computer is no longer able to communicate via topic/service with nodes on the original network, is there any way to bridge this connection so that all devices need not be linked via husarnet?


Hi @Jack, the most handy way of bridging different DDS networks is using this tool: .

You can read more about DDS Router / ROS 2 Router in one of our latest blog posts: ROS 2 Router for Remote Robotics and Topic Filtering | Husarnet


Hi @dominik,

I am also having a similar issue.
I have a LAN with several physical devices running ROS2 nodes. In this LAN, I have a single control computer that is running Husarnet and Husarnet DDS (using cyclone as middleware). When using the husarnet-cyclone.xml file, none of the nodes on the other devices in the LAN are available to the control computer, but I need them to be. I have included a simple diagram below indicating the system.

I only need the nodes that are running on the control computer to be available to remote machines on my Husarnet network, but I need the nodes running on all the local machines to be available to the control computer.

I have tried to use the Husarnet ROS2 Router, and tried to configure a bare ROS2 DDS Router as well, but have had zero luck.

Any help on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @lucas , I have just created a simple demo showing how to connect local “non-husarnet” hosts running ROS 2 with remote Husarnet powered ROS 2 nodes.

Everything is in Docker so you can easily run it on your computers.