Does ESP32 support IPV6?

Hello All
I have a husarnet network that contain Three element. One of them is a PC with windows OS and the others are two ESP32 boards.
One of the ESP32 acts as a server for PC and other ESP32. So the architecture is:
1.ESP32 Server
2.ESP32 Client
3.PC client
When I send request from PC to ESP32(Server) using IPV6 the ESP32 operate well and responses to requests. for example PC send request http://[fc94:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:aeeb]/TurnOnGPIO2
and ESP32(Server) Turns the GPIO2 on.
But when I try to do somthing similar with ESP32(Clinet) the request-response process is broken and the ESP32(Server) does not responses to requests. Notice that I am using HTTPClient.h library.
In your opinion what is go wrong?
Does ESP32 Support IPV6?
How to send requests contain IPV6 from ESP32?
Could you please show an example of use IPV6 request in ESP32?
Please help me

Hi @MMB1999, I’m not sure whether HTTPClient.h library supports IPv6.

In my own projects I prefer to use AsyncTCP library instead, here a examples:

  1. Making a HTTP Client request:

  2. A basic HTTP server example:

Two examples above are using Husarnet.

I hope you will find that helpful.