Esp32_cam_demo does not seem to work

git clone --recursive ~/apps/husarnet-esp-idf
git clone

I tried to compile the source code, but it does not seem to work, can you help, thank you


could you try to run camera demo using Arduino core for ESP32 instead of esp-idf?

I haven’t used ESP32 camera by myself, but it looks like that demo from this repo should work fine .

The procedure to port probably most of ESP32 arduino project would be as follows (assuming no Arduino IDE installed and no additional libraries added):

1. Install Arduino IDE

2. Install Husarnet package for ESP32:

  • open File -> Preferences
  • in a field Additional Board Manager URLs add this link:
  • open Tools -> Board: ... -> Boards Manager ...
  • Search for esp32-husarnet
  • Click Install button

3. Select ESP32 dev board:

  • open Tools -> Board
  • select AI Thinker ESP32-CAM under “ESP32 Arduino (Husarnet)” section

4. Port demo to Husarnet

  • add #include <Husarnet.h>
  • replace WiFiClient with HusarnetClient
  • replace WiFiServer with HusarnetServer
  • under the line, where you have WiFi connection in the code, add those lines:
/* Start Husarnet */
const char* hostName = "esp32cam";
const char* husarnetJoinCode = "fc94:b01d:1803:8dd8:b293:5c7d:7639:932a/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
Husarnet.join(husarnetJoinCode, hostName);

You will find your join code on after selecting network, clicking “add element” button and selecting “join code” tab.

Please let me know about results.