How does the max devices calculation work in billing?

Let’s say over the next 3 months I will have 30 devices in the network, however currently I just have 5 devices in the network.

I now want to upgrade to a paid plan, will be charged for 30 devices right after I subscribe to max 30 devices?

Can I choose max devices as 10 devices, subscribe & then can I keep on increasing my max devices count?

Can we edit the max devices count for the subscription plan from 30 to 50 after 3 months, if I want to add more devices?

Please help me with understanding the billing calculations.

Thanks so much in advance.

Hello @minith,

Yes, smallest billing period is one month. So you can subscribe with 10 max devices and pay $10 for first month (or couple of months), then for next month scale up to 30 devices ($26/mo) next month. So you can basically change max number of devices every month, according to your needs.

Hope it clears things up.