How to add a Centos7 In a husarnet network

Hi, I installed the husarnet in a raspberry and add this as a device on my hudarnet network. Then I installed the husarnet in my centos7 server. But as my server has no Gui, how can I include it as a secound client/device in my husarnet network to directely found my first device (raspberry) using the taspberry husarnet device name ? My centos7 has no gui and I did not find an way to setup/access my husarnet network to find my devices. By command line, I just can include afdress in the white list but I can not ping my first device using the name. I can only pong using the ipv6 address. Thank you very much.

I did not tested but I think that I found:

sudo husarnet join joinID mycomputername

Note: the joinID you can get in your husarnet network config.

Is there someone who could give an feedback to me ? Is that the correct way to join a husarnet network when you do not have a GUI to access the web ?

Thank you very much.

You do not actually need a GUI to add a device to a Husarnet network. You have two options:

  • either you can run husarnet websetup, which will output a URL that you can visit on another computer and then add the device from the panel that will appear, or
  • after visiting your network on, click Add element and then join code. In the usage examples, you will see the exact command (husarnet join CODE mydevice) that you need to run (possibly exchanging mydevice with your own hostname) on your server in order to add your device to the network.

Hope this helps!