How to "unjoin" from a Husarnet network?

So simple to join a network in ESP32 on platformio:
// Start Husarnet
Husarnet.join(husarnetJoinCode, hostName);

And I can remove an element from my network using app.husarnet manually. But I need to have the remove done by my IOT device itself under programmatic control. There is no
Husarnet.remove(hostName) in the Husarnet.h file, doing just what the app does.
Any suggestions on how I can accomplish that? Patches to the source files??


Currently the ESP32 library does not support this kind of operation.
However our other types of clients (such as Linux Husarnet Client) are equiped with a CLI that allows for removal of devices from networks. Maybe you can use this as a temporary workaround. In the future we will publish a documentation for a GrpahQL API that will enable users to implement those operations in a way the see fit.

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I have no Linux nodes in my system so this is not a current solution. When can I expect a suitable API on the ESP32?

I doubt we ever will have this API natively on ESP32. This API uses GraphQL which is very resource-heavy. Including this by default would hurt most of the users as such functionality is very rarely needed. We may end up creating a blog post describing how users can implement this on their own, but I highly doubt that we will be able to schedule this in the next couple months.

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