Http request betwwen two device in the same husarnet network

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I had another question
In the technical documents that you uploaded on the site, it is written that all the devices that are in a same husarnet network are as if they are in a same LAN network.

" Your devices with Husarnet Client installed communicate with each other directly, without any central server forwarding traffic. That is a true low latency, peer-to-peer connection over the internet. Your devices see each other like they were in the same LAN."

According to this point, you can send an http request from one device to another.
For example, if two devices are in the same LAN with subnet mask, the format of the request to a device with IP is as follows:
Now my question is what is the structure of the message for the devices that are in the husarnet network?
For example, is it like this?

typically we wrap IPv6 address in square brackets while typing it into address box in the browser, like this:


Additionally, if you need to provide another port than 80, you type it like this:


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Hello again
I installed xampp control panel on my PC. where apache and mysql server are running on ports 8080 and 3306 respectively. In the xampp hosts folder, I have written a php code that enables me to store data in mysql using the following request.
Now I have connected my computer and my esp 32 to the same network of husarnet and IPV6 of my computer is fc94:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:aeeb. According to the above description, I expect to be able to save the data in the mysql table as before by sending the following request through esp 32. But I get error code -1 every time.

What do you think is wrong?
Is it possible that ESP32 can not support IPV6?