Husarnet Documentation

Hello Domonik
I have a recommendation or suggestion for you.
Can you publish a documentation for members and methods of husarnet class for ESP32.
It is very hard to work with husarnet classes.
For example I want to find my IPV6 address of my ESP32 connected to Husarnet VPN. How can I do this.
for example husarnet.ip or husarnet.address or …
How can I find my IPV6 address of my ESP32 and other propertoes in case of need?

could you answer me please

Hi @MMB1999 , I’m sorry for the late reply.

There are only a few strictly Husarnet classes, so there is not much more than you find in examples. We have however just added a new website with a summary: Husarnet Library for ESP32 | Husarnet

Husarnet runs in the background and you just use the API provided by other networking libraries. So in most cases while writing an embedded code for ESP32 you work with AsyncTCP documentation, rather than Husarnet one.

This is why we created a couple of open source examples helping understanding how Husarnet works:


… (to mention a few).

I hope i answered your question :slight_smile: