Husarnet for ESP32 Public Beta Launch

Hello everybody!

During past months we have been developing an improved version of the Husarnet ESP32 port. New release utilizes up-to-date upstream ESP-IDF framework and ships as a standalone library (or a component in ESP-IDF terminology).

Currently, ESP-IDF component and limited Arduino in PlatformIO integrations are supported. We have provided quick start guides for both cases in our docs.

We’ve tested the code ourselves but one can only do so much. Please do not hesitate to report any bugs you encounter, so we can gain more confidence in the codebase and release it as a stable version. If your logs contain any sensitive information, please use e-mail address, otherwise feel free to open a new thread on this forum, so others can be aware of your findings.

The library is currently not available for Arduino IDE or standard Arduino PlatformIO projects due to limitations related to the default, upstream menuconfig entries. We’re working on changing those globally and enabling PlatformIO users to keep using workflows they’re used to, we hope to finalize this before the end of the Public Beta. In the meantime we’re providing you with alternate ways of using PlatformIO with the Arduino framework on ESP32.

Milosz on behalf on the Husarnet team