Implementation of Husarnet in ESP IDF

I have successfully built and implemented Husarnet in Arduino IDE, but there are some reasons that I need to implement Husarnet in ESP IDF. I can use Arduino as ESP IDF Component and include all libraries of Arduino in ESP IDF, but when I add Husarnet.h in my .cpp file in ESP IDF project, and call Husarnet.join and Husarnet.start functions, I get the following errors.

Undefined Reference to Function.

I have tried to debug the issues and nothing works so far, any help would be highly appreciated. Has anyone implemented Husarnet in ESP IDF? or if someone can point me to relevant resource.

I have also gone through ESP IDF (husarnet fork)

But in the issues section, many people have claimed that it does not work, so I didn’t try it yet.

My ESP IDF Version is v4.4

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Unfortunately I’m afraid that integrating with ESP-IDF in a current state of ESP32’s port will be impossible. Currently available build uses forked esp-idf, forked lwip and forked arduino core, all of them with added extra code. We’ve made pull requests to all of those repos and we think that we’re finally ready to switch to the mainline versions of all the components but… both them and us have made so many changes in that time that we basically need to do that port from scratch. As a bonus we should finally be able to release Husarnet as a library instead of a ecosystem of forks. I’d really like for this to be ready very soon but realistically it may take another half a year or so.

Sorry that I don’t have a more cheerful answer

@pidpawel Thanks for your reply, but the Husarnet implementation in ESP32 with ROS (Using Arduino Framework) seems too old and unmaintained. The ESP32 is able to connect to VPN and I can ping the device from anywhere, this is so cool
But unable to listen on ROSSerial, is there any clue for this?

Sorry for a bit off topic question than the thread is supposed to be for!

I didn’t have time to play with the ROSSerial in the end :frowning: I hope that it will get better when we release the Husarnet as a library for ESP32.

hi @pidpawel - any update on this? I’m struggling to integrate the Husarnet client with an existing code base that uses a newer IDF version

Hi @axfor349

We are still working on this.

Regards, Filip