IP camera and server

Hi all. I have developed an ip camera that transmits a video stream via a 4g LTE modem. Camera operating system RTOS. Linux based server. Can I use Husarnet to transfer the video stream from the camera to the server? From the point of view of the program code, for the camera I use the Husarnet library and use its API, for the server my client? Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks in advance.


When it comes to video streaming, there is a blog post about that on Husarnet’s blog: https://husarnet.com/blog/webrtc-streamer/

So basically - yes, you can use Husarnet for streaming a video between peers.

Husarnet is a VPN. It creates a virtual network interface on the level of your OS, next to your Wi-Fi or Ethernet card. Devices connected to the same Husarnet network see each other like they were in the same LAN and their local IP is their Husarnet IPv6 address. Please read more how Husarnet works here: https://husarnet.com/docs/manual-general/


We have a slightly different situation. Technically, it doesn’t matter what we want to send to the server. We have a microcontroller device running RTOS and we have a Linux based server. There is a client for the vpn server, no problem. But do you have a client for microcontroller devices? We do not use ESP32, we use Ambarella A12 + wifi chip (RT-Thread OS, lwip network stack)

Any answer on my question??

Hi @Art_Sh, I’m sorry for a late reply. Basically all supported architectures are listed here:

For example for Linux:

Supported architectures: i386, x64 (amd64), armhf, arm64, riscv64

If your embedded device is based on Linux and uses one of those architectures - Husarnet should work fine.

For bare metal MCUs we support only ESP32 currently.