No hostname in hosts

I uploaded esp32-internet-ota-main to esp32.
My dashboard seems to be correct:
C:\Users\Utilizador>husarnet status
● CLI: 2.0.170
● Daemon (running): 2.0.170
● Daemon (binary): 2.0.170

Daemon hooks are currently disabled
Dashboard URL
● CLI:
● Daemon:

Connection status
● Base Server: (UDP)

● Is ready to handle data? yes
● Is ready to join? yes
● Is joined? yes

● Husarnet IP:

fc94:4c08:9bb4:ad61:54c7:9f3b:ea25:9c02 esp32-webserver
● inactive ● secure ● tunelled

fc94:b01d:1803:8dd8:b293:5c7d:7639:932a (websetup)
● inactive ● secure ● tunelled

fc94:b1ee:9873:0926:2160:999d:384b:f210 (localhost) master my-windows-dev
● inactive ● no data flow ● peer to peer
I don’t have # managed by Husarnet in \drivers\etc\hosts file.
I don´t know how to address esp32.

Good Morning @malmeida :wave:

Can you send us logs from Husarnet?

To export logs on linux use command:
sudo journalctl -u husarnet > husarnet.log
On windows logs are located under %ProgramData%\Husarnet directory in husarnet.log file.

You should be able to connect to your esp32 with IPv6 address fc94:4c08:9bb4:ad61:54c7:9f3b:ea25:9c02 or via hostname esp32-webserver.