Peer Blacklisted

Hey there. My friends and I are using Husarnet to connect an esp-32 over wifi to a control GUI for a final project. We are using the husarnet arduino core and connecting through an iphone personal hotspot for now.

We are attempting to run a UDP client on the esp-32 to send data to a python script running in a linux vm running on a macbook but have run into an issue. We are able to ping the esp-32 from the linux vm using ping6 but when attempting to send data from the eps-32 back to the linux vm we recieve the following:

[10008442] established secure connection to xxxx
[10008652] peer xxxx is blacklisted

I looked through the husarnet arduino core code in the repository and did not find any references to setting or editing a local blacklist and when attempting to open the web ui received a 502 bad gateway error. How can I access the blacklist/whitelist of the microcontroller remotely?