Reinstalling Husarnet Client app on Linux

Dear Husarnet users,

A certificate which was used to sign packages from Husarnet installation script has expired. The new certificate has been generated, however the old one may still be cached in your system, so if you try reinstalling Husarnet Client you might see an error message like this:

Err:9 all InRelease
The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 197D62F68A4C7BD6 Husarnet Authors <>

To remove this old, cached, expired certificate:

  1. Execute apt-key list | grep "expired: " -A 1 in the terminal and you will see something like that:
pub rsa3072 2018-09-19 [SC] [expires: 2021-09-22]
87D0 16FB EC48 A791 AA4A F675 197D 62F6 8A4C 7BD6

In the second row you will find a key ID of the expired certificate - it is last 8 characters (in the example above “8A4C7BD6”)

  1. Execute the following command to remove the old certificate:
apt-key del <KEY_ID>

Now you can try to run Husarnet Client installation script once more.


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