ROS1 Unable to publish from host to master

Hi, i have a mobile robot running ROS melodic configured as master in husarnet, i’ve also added my laptop running ROS noetic to the network.
After running some basic ros nodes i am able to get the rostopic lists from robot to laptop and able to use Rviz for visualization but when i try to do teleop from my laptop it is not connecting.I tried viewing the rqt_graph and it shows the nodes are connected but its not responding. Am i missing something to configure?
Teleop only works when i ssh into the robot within husarnet . This was’nt an issue when i used to connect directly via wifi without husarnet.

Hi @Kamal, have you followed this guide: ?

If you are able to write exact steps you made on your machines (what you typed in the Linux terminal), or if you would be able to reproduce the issue in Docker, it will help me a lot.

Thanks and have a great weekend.