ROS2 over the internet: hnet kB/s out have dropped

I was streaming images via Husarnet yesterday. They were HD images at 30FPS. After subscribing to the theora compression topic, I observed ~5MB/s going out from the device on which my publisher was running on. A similar amount of data was being received on the PC the subscriber was running on.

I was able to see the aforementioned via

ifstat -i hnet0

I then tried streaming images with higher resolutions, they were also successful and had a higher kB/s to stream (as expected).

I tried replicating my results later today and have observed that when I stream larger images, my ROS2 publisher reduces the FPS from 30 to just 7 immediately when the subscriber on the other PC launches. I then went back to the drawing board and tried streaming HD images at 30FPS again. The HD images successfully stream at 30FPS but I have observed that upon running the command

ifstat -i hnet0

the data sent out has reduced from ~5MB/s to 100kB/s. From what I understand, ROS2 is clipping the FPS whilst streaming higher resolution images because husarnet seems to have changed my cap to less than 1MB/s . Is there a reason for this to happen (I know I do not have any data transfer cap)? I am on the same network as I was yesterday.

Seems that the issue is not with Husarnet but with the theora compression I am using. I am able to see high values of MB/s when I stream a raw or a compressed image. Only Theora compression causes this issue to occur ( even in a local setting ).