[Solved] Husarnet says I have more devices than I really have

Hi, @dominik and others!

In my account, I have 10 networks and by looking at the number of devices in each network, I can clearly see that I only have 12 devices.

However, the https://app.husarnet.com/ page says:

  • You have 10 networks and 20 devices

Those extra 8 networks I don’t know how to remove them.

They are counted probably because I removed some networks before removing the devices from them.

Would be possible to show the correct number, by counting only devices of networks that were not removed?

This is important because Husarnet licenses limit the number of devices we can add, but every now and then we remove a network before removing the devices, and this causes the wrong number of devices to increase.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello @ralves

Thank you for the report.
I’ve checked it, and indeed there is a bug on the backend.
We will fix this soon, although not immediately, because team has different priorities at the moment.

Meanwhile, I’ve removed your “ghost” devices from the dashboard, so the numbers should check out again:)

Best regards,
Szymon, Husarnet team

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Thank you very much, @ympek

I confirm the ghost devices have been removed.

I look forward to having this solved on the backend side.


Thanks for the confirmation, @ralves
I’ll prepend [Solved] to the topic.

See you around, cheers