Turning off debug output on esp32 husarnet

I am exploring Husarnet for my IOT application and successfully built the web server example. It floods the serial UART with status/debugging messages, which I need to suppress. Are there either run time or compile time build switches to change the logging level?

In order to achieve the result you need simply redirect the debug output to another port.
Example of this can be found here: esp32-ip-cam/simple-webserver.ino at main · DominikN/esp32-ip-cam · GitHub

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And then I have to change every serial.print in my application?!? If that is the case, I recommend you add a log level #def some day so users don’t have to customize their apps.

Yes, that’s already implemented on other platforms, ESP32’s port is too much far behind other ports to have this. Eventually it’ll show up there too.