Unable to Access my webserver [Your connection is not private]

Hello DominikN
I have a problem
Until about a month ago, I could connect to the server by clicking on the webui button in the network setting section.
But now every time I try to connect I get Your connection is not private error and it seems my certificate is not valid.
how can i fix this problem.
please help me

Hi @MMB1999, in this thread I mentioned the new solution for that: Make the Web UI public .

Long story short - you will find a solution how to access Husarnet connected devices over a public link with your own domain here https://husarnet.com/blog/reverse-proxy-gui/ .


Hello again
I have a few question about this aproach please help me.
In this way we have to buy a VPS and a domain. Then we install NPM on my own VPS.After that set the configuration on cloudflare. is it true so far???
Now the main question is whether I can set up several separate husarnet networks on one VPS and one domain?