Unable to Access my webserver [Your connection is not private]

Hello DominikN
I have a problem
Until about a month ago, I could connect to the server by clicking on the webui button in the network setting section.
But now every time I try to connect I get Your connection is not private error and it seems my certificate is not valid.
how can i fix this problem.
please help me

Hi @MMB1999, in this thread I mentioned the new solution for that: Make the Web UI public .

Long story short - you will find a solution how to access Husarnet connected devices over a public link with your own domain here https://husarnet.com/blog/reverse-proxy-gui/ .


Hello again
I have a few question about this aproach please help me.
In this way we have to buy a VPS and a domain. Then we install NPM on my own VPS.After that set the configuration on cloudflare. is it true so far???
Now the main question is whether I can set up several separate husarnet networks on one VPS and one domain?


cloudflare is only an example. You should be able to use different VPS and domain providers (with different domain management panel) to achieve the same result.

A single husarnet device can be in multiple Husarnet networks in the same time. Just log into app.husarnet.com, select a network, click the “add element” button, and go the “Existing” tab.