Unable to join a device after taking backup from a Raspberry Pi

Hi team,

I did the below steps:

  1. I installed Husarnet on a Raspberry Pi 4B (let’s say A) running on Raspbian Bullseye OS using the command - “curl -s https://install.husarnet.com/install.sh | sudo bash”
  2. After that I took a backup of it (.IMG file), let’s say backup.img file
  3. Restored that .IMG file (backup.img) on a new SD card
  4. Inserted the new SD Card on a different Raspberry Pi 4B (let’s say B)
  5. Execute the join command on the device A (from step 1) - Executes successfully i.e. device is added
  6. Execute the join command on the device B (from step 4) - Goes into infinite timer, never joins

The join command is exactly same, the only change is of hostname, A & B. The “ifconfig” command on both the Raspberry Pi 4 gives the same Husarnet IP address, which is where I think the issue is. I tried uninstalling the husarnet on device B, but it didn’t solve the issue.

How can I change the Husarnet IP address on device B? Can someone please help me with resolving this issue?

Thanks so much in advance.

Hi @minith,

To use your Raspberry Pi SD card image on another RPi and obtain a unique Husarnet IPv6 address, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the /var/lib/husarnet folder after booting up the new Raspberry Pi:
sudo rm -r /var/lib/husarnet
  1. Restart the Husarnet daemon service:
sudo systemctl restart husarnet
  1. Join your Raspberry Pi to the Husarnet network:
sudo husarnet join <JOINCODE> <HOSTNAME>

Please let me know how it goes.


Husarnet team