Unable to join a group

I am unable to join a group, as it times out in the last step of the ‘join’ command. I’ve tried with different computers and different networks but every time the result is the same.

The status of husarnet seems okay.

Note that the group has 0 devices. Any hint on where the problem can be and how to solve it? Thanks.

I am also currently facing this issue. Unable to connect to any group. The connection process is shows the following output when trying to join via CLI.
Screenshot from 2023-03-30 18-30-22

Also trying to remove a previously added device (added months back), results in a server error 500.

sorry for the inconvenience. I was able to reproduce the issue and fix it on the infrastructure side. Please let me know if it’s the case for you too.

As per the 500 error - I was able to remove a device with no issues so please send me a full Husarnet IPv6 addres via any of the support emails or contact form on a website… or provide me with two last segments of the address. That should be ebough for me to find it in the database while not compromising your privacy.


thanks for the quick response. The 2 IPs of the devices unable to connect are:


Hey @pidpawel.
Just checked it out. It’s working again, can add and remove devices to groups without issue.
Thanks for the fix!

Hello @Eduard,

I’ve checked your devices and I see they are online in the Dashboard and properly joined to a group. Are you still experiencing issues with those?



It’s working correct now. Thanks for all!

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Hello, I’m also having the same issue. This is what I’ve done:

  • Completely removed husarnet from my device
  • Deleted /var/lib/husarnet
  • Removed my device from list of devices
  • Reinstalled husarnet on device via installation Method #1
  • Checked status, everything “green” except for “Is joined?”
  • Attempted to join with join code



  • Ubuntu 20.04 guest VM running on Windows 10 host