Using Husarnet esp32 .INO not supported by PlatformIO

Hi in this page:

One step asks you to create the following with the text provided for both files as a PlatformIO project within Visual Studio, however Visual Studio says it doesn’t know anything about .ino files, but (surprise surprise) does know about .cpp, and “how about changing them to .cpp?”.

So am I not following the steps correctly, or is this how-to out of date?

Create a folder for your ESP32 project, eg. esp32-proj . Inside that folder create two files:

** platformio.ini*
** src/simple-webserver.ino*

Hi, I never had any issues with .ino files in PlatformIO. Maybe your project is missing something?

Recently I haved tested this two ESP32 projects running on platformio and everything works good here (at least on my end and in GitHub workflow):


Please try them, and let me know about the results.