WEB UI ESP32 connection is closed

I’m trying a project that you upload on youtube, so far it has been running smoothly when coding in the Arduino IDE. But when I opened it in WEB UI suddenly the connection was closed. do you know the cause?



Hi Drevanda,

You probably use an outdated version of the project because I can see Arduino IDE on the screenshot. Currently Platformio is a preffered way of using Husarnet with ESP32, because configuration is much simpler.

Please take a look at refreshed version of the project description based on Visual Studio Code + platformio: https://www.hackster.io/donowak/esp32-mpu9250-3d-orientation-visualisation-467dc1 .

Also accessing husarnet powered devices over *.husarnetusers.com domain is not preffered way. To use full potential of Husarnet it’s better to access your devices peer-to-peer. That means that not only your ESP32 need to be in the Husarnet network, but also your computer. Currently only Husarnet Client for Linux is available, but Windows version will be ready in the folowing months.

If you will have both your computer and your ESP32 in the same Husarnet network, you can access a web server on ESP32 by using this URL: http://box3desp:8000