Why havent you published the solution?

I read from the help wanted messages that error: Server Error (500)
has been addressed and solved (aparently)

May I ask for the solution to be disclosed to me too.

I will be happy.

Thanks in advance

Hello Hans,

when this Server Error (500) is occurring exactly in your case?


This happened when I copy pasted the join code directly and not the husarnet websetup instruction
now this is fine

but actually I`m stuck - not able to connect the Windows 11 Husarnet Client to Dashboard (your public server)
My core information is attached

Hello @correlation180,

If it is possible I would suggest to reinstall Husarnet with purge on Husarnet folder - this will generate IPv6 address anew and generally offer a clean start.

  1. Uninstall Husarnet via normal uninstall tool, if the tools asks “Remove the service?” click Yes
  2. Remove %PROGRAMDATA%\Husarnet (typically C:\ProgramData\Husarnet) completely
  3. Install Husarnet for Windows again
  4. Try joining again

Thank you,
Szymek, Husarnet team