Windows Release For ROS

We need to use Husarnet to connect our Robot (Powered By ROS) with our Windows Application. Till when is the release expected? Can we contribute in the development and can we use a version if it can be release in beta or we may be able to connect by doing some little mods?

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Hello @Maksad,

We have nightly version available for you to try. It can be downloaded from our nightly repository -

Double-click and install it like any other software; Microsoft SmartScreen will probably complain, so you will need to allow it.

Installer will add Husarnet to PATH and you will be able to use it from cmd.exe or PowerShell in similar way like on Linux (the commandline API is not 100% compatible with Linux client though, yet).

I also updated steps on, Section “Windows”; follow them to join a network, but if you are already using Husarnet you won’t have troubles joining a network.

Let me know if you are able to run it successfully, looking forward to hear from you.

PS. If something goes wrong, provide logs from %PROGRAMDATA%\husarnet folder.

Husarnet team.

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