Windows Times Out on Join


I am using Windows 11 Command Prompt to join my pre-established network. The target device is already joined.
When I enter:
husarnet join [join code]
to the command line, I get the response as shown in the attached image.

Command prompt has been run as Administrator.

Thanks for your help.


Do you have latest version of Husarnet (2.0.52)? If not can you try again with latest version?

Regards, Filip

Hi Filip,

Yes, I confirm that
husarnet version in the command line reported:


Hi Filip,

I have bypassed the windows joining problem by using a raspberry pi running debian 64 bit. I am now able to ping6 my ESP32 target at the hostname coded into the code. So far so good.

I have used your fork of the AsyncTCP.h library.

I am unable to connect to the web server running on the ESP32 at http://esp32-webserver:8080 It just reports a very quick DNS issue (so fast I cannot read it fully) and then switches to report that the site cannot be reached.

Does this sound like the ESP32 code issue you talk about in the documentation?

Thanks and Regards

Hi Jason,

This only works on Firefox/Firefox-based browsers, Chromium-based browsers ignore /etc/hosts file, and this won’t work in Chromium/Chrome.